Thursday 27 February 2020
8:158:30Opening and welcome words from president(s)
8:309:30ASRCC Flash sessions: new and hot in MIS
Pediatric surgery/HBP/upperGI
Endocrine: transoral thyroidectomy
9:3010:15Multidisciplinary session: endometriosis
Shaving vs. resection for rectal involvement
Management of ureter involvement
Fertility after pelvic surgery
10:1510:45Coffee break
10:4511:15Keynote lecture:
“Neuroanatomy of the pelvis: surgical damage and consequences” or “Use of mesh in the abdomen: risks & benefits”
11:1512:15Colorectal session
TaTME : where we stand in 2020
Standardized minimal invasive right hemicolectomy with CME: concept of the German CME group
Management of the occlusive colorectal cancer: lessons learned from the AFC database
Innovation lecture: “Single port robotics: first experiences with the Da Vinci SP robot”
12:1513:00Short CR case presentations to expert panel (3-4): 1) incidental finding of limited peritoneal carcinomatosis during CRC lap resection (Nicoal Cerasani, Bonn); stoma TD after Hartmann's with hige hernia in obese (C. Vallet);
13:0014:00Lunch Break
Lunch Symposium
14:0015:30HBP Session
MIS for necrotizing pancreatitis
MIS liver/biliary surgery
MIS pancreas resection
Robotic liver
ERAS in HBP surgery
15:3016:00Short HBP case presentations to expert panel (3-4)
16:0016:30Coffee break
Keynote lecture:
16:3016:50"Have we learned to measure complications yet?"
16:5017:20Flash session: Novelties in managing complications with MIS
Upper GI/bariatrics
HBP: the pancreatic fistula
Keynote lecture:
17:2017:40Artificial intelligence in Surgery
17:4018:20Best video award session – ALA surgery platform
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Public vote and award (jury and public prize)
18:30End of 1st day
Friday 28 February 2020
8:3010:00Upper GI and bariatrics session
Paraesophageal hernia : is the mesh controversy over ?
Bariatrics novelties/controversies
Interventional alterntives to surgery for GERD
Robotic esofageal surgery
Laparoscopic vs. Open oncological gastrectomy
10:0010:30Coffee break
10:3010:50Keynote lecture:
"Life-work balance for surgeons"
10:5011:40Educational paths in MIS surgery in 4 European countries: exchange and fellowship opportunities
11:4012:00Keynote lecture:
"Lessons learned from running a multidisciplinary department"
12:0013:00Lunch Break
Lunch Symposium Robotic R hemi-colectomy
13:0014:30Hernia session
Component separation techniques: open surgery
component separation techniques: MIS
Robotic hernia repair
Iguinal hernia : mesh fixation controversies
Peristomal hernia: updates
14:3014:50Keynote lecture:
The quest for simplicity in surgery
14:5015:10Coffee break
15:1016:10Video session MIS in emergency: tips & tricks
Peritonitis and post-op septic complications
Internal hernia post bariatric surgery
The rotten cholecystitis
Small bowel occlusion,
Upper GI perforation
Incarcerated hernia
16:30Meeting Closure